Forecasts from the Spirits of the 104

Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and information given to those how wants to listen.
Channelled through Karin Ugander Spirit Talker | undervisas av Karin & Niklas Ugander


Hi, Niklas here

Even though you have come to the Kani Schools online platform this is not a course in that sense. Here you can find all the spiritual teachings, sessions and forecast from the Spirits of the 104, that are free. 

All the sessions and teaching here are channelled through Karin Spirit Talker. Karin is a Trance medium, which means that the spirits uses her voice to share the knowledge, wisdom and infromation to those who wants to listen.

All the new sessions will be added here so you can listen to all the forecasts and free sessions.

We hope the information can be of helpful and inspiring on your path through life.

Many blessings
Niklas Ugander / Blue Parrot

Karin & Niklas Ugander
Karin & Niklas Ugander
Karin UganderNiklas Ugander